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Altitude Adjustment

...is an hour long documentary about skiing and snowboarding. Unlike other ski films this documentary takes a look at non-professional skiers and snowboarders and what drives them to the mountains each winter. We explore the thoughts and motivations of dedicated winter sports enthusiasts, while showcasing accessible locations that advanced and expert skiers may want to explore on future ski trips.

"Altitude Adjustment" is a movie that shows a more honest portrayal of skiing and snowboarding than is commonly seen in the media. While most ski films show athletes delivered to exotic locations by helicopter and engaged in aerial acrobatics, this film explores mountains that are accessible to every skier and boarder. The film explores several lesser known ski destinations and backcountry locations to show winter sports enthusiasts alternatives to what they are used to seeing and skiing.

The film visits ten different skiing and snowboarding areas, focusing on resorts as well as backcountry and sidecountry locations. Viewers will see a variety of terrain with a brief overview of how to get there. Locations in the film include areas in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Colorado, Idaho, and British Columbia.

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